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Marking Sickle Cell Awareness Month - September!

September, as always remains a month commemorating and recognising Sickle Cell Sickle Cell Disease worldwide. For us, we get a full 30-day period and opportunity of shining Sickle Cell Disease and advocacy under a global spotlight and this year, we have chosen to add another community service project to what we have already, ongoing for 2018 - a campaign running nationwide by teams of Samira Sanusi Sickle Cell Foundation in various states visiting Secondary school kids, conversing and building forces for a stronger advocacy voice and a socially and intellectually-conscious mind towards fencing out this deadly chronic disease that keeps plaguing our society. The answer of course remains;

  • Education - knowing what Sickle Cell is and how to manage it.

  • Avoidance/Prevention - knowing one’s genotype & compatibility so as to avoid procreating potential carriers of the disease.

  • Voice - carrying the message and breaking the boundaries that restrict us from achieving a Sickle Cell-free society.

To mark Sickle Cell Awareness Month - September 2018, the SSSCFoundation Abuja invites the general public and collaborative persons to join us in Speaking with the Community of Waru IDP Camp, we will be offering them Genotype screenings free of charge, counselling and distributing all the items (clothes, books, toys etc) we have collected through our Clothing Drive Project [running year-in-year-out].

This year's project is collaboratively powered by Firmcare Diagnostics & Medical Services, who will be lending their medical and laboratory services for blood sampling and genotype testing while SSSCFoundation issues all participants with a Genotype ID card afterwards. It is our vision that the SSSCF Genotype ID card identifies and recognises that the carrier of such i.d means they have their genotype tested and becomes a means of data pulling of persons with genotypes; particularly AS (carriers) and SS (Sickle Cell warriors).

A special collaborative effort has maximised our base by working with the newly formed Sanitary Bank Initiative; and initiative formed with a goal of distributing 5 million free sanitary pads to young girls aged 10 to 18 between September 29th 2018 to 2020. Waru IDP camp is a good starting base as this community is saturated with young girls and women; more than the men. Although they are quite on their feet with education as many of their children, with the help of organisations' care are able to attend the Local LEA Primary School there or Government Secondary School but healthcare and hygiene remains on the back burner. We hope that by the end of this exercise, we will be able to achieve an opening towards uplifting this community and many more.

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