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Let's Get Poetic... The Entries.

Even when the red blood cells become rigid, sticky, and shaped like sickles, I put on my gloves, I am a warrior!!! Even when the sickle cell breaks apart easily, leaving me without enough red blood cells, I put on my gloves, I am a fighter

- I am Tomi

Yes I am a fighter

I've walked narrow and clogged pathways to get here

You see me limp but I see a survivor

I carry my Sickle to war and I see in your eyes how you've given up on me

But through the pain and scars, I put on my gloves and carry that winner ribbon with pride

I am a fighter and a winner.

- Mss November

l'm a warrior, day and night I fight. I'm a warrior, even when those red cells sickle rigidly, stripping me of my strength and peace. I'm a warrior, fighting those excruciating pains, distress and anxieties. Sometimes I get kicked by series of crisis but I get back up, wear those boxing gloves on and kick back with all my strength because a warrior never gives up on a battlefield. I'm a warrior not because I think I am but because I know I am.

-Maaryam Ibraheem


Crisis and disappointment will not discourage me, at all. I may stumble along the way, But in myself I shall always believe. I will not let the pain and fatigue Stand in the way of all that I can achieve. The battle chose me, but it is not mine. With my Savior and family beside me I will continuously shine.

-Ommar Casual

Red rings of malady Sickled with cords of anemia Tangled with threads of hope With coldness rivaling hotness A season in blood, so odd While the brain sleeps, the body screams Of the Unknown caged in cells Bring forth the feel of peace Wipe off the dreadful feel Arise O' warriors of life Feel the ambiance of mirth Fight for the life dreamt And emerge victorious. - UmmyHajaar Abbah

Our life is a journey Bundled with red threads, sharper like a knife As I unfold them With powerful fists Willing to survive The battle becomes tough And my weak weapon, a double edged SS Slips in a thin line Between life and death. - Engrsharfadi

The tears no longer fall As we paint our hearts red Holding tight The reverberating strands of life Entwined within the fibers of hope. We're no longer imprisoned in this cell Where we lay curled up With our backs against the wall And our faces up in our arms. Our palms are now balled up in gloves We shall no longer be floored in this (sickled) cell Where life is fleetingly fickle. As we soak in the euphoria of the wafting cloves Triumphant with our scars Arm-in-arm... Warriors, victors.... Survivors. - Salim Yunusa

Stare deep into the fading sky but look alive to the glorious dawn. I am the face behind what you see I am a symbol of greatness, of strength and of hope. I am not just a label. I am fighter with the cards dealt to me, I am the future. I am that little boy, that little girl, that man, that woman that stares life in the face and still come out victorious. I am not a sickler, I am human, I am you. - Gleetar

I'M A WARRIOR EVERYDAY! I wish there is no Sickle Cell Disease. With ease we celebrate this trait pass down by refusing to wait for doctors to dictate what you can and can't do. Sometimes weary, but like the eagle we take daily battles that might seem futile. I'm a Conqueror. - Monday Olu

I am who I am, I am who I choose to be, I am not a product of my circumstances, I have been stigmatized , been in pain and looked down upon, But.. I thrive and blossom, I smile through my pains, And walk through the shames, I never lose hope, Just because... I am a warrior , I am a survivor. - Timilehin Oworu Führer

I am not a challenge to the society. But, I was challenged by CURVED CELLS. A confident warrior cannot blackout, but to embark on the challenge I am a daily warrior with no choice, but to win. - Abduljabbar Lere

Strong are those hands, as they put on the gloves and face the challenge. We forge our weapons, drew our swords and come face to face with our number one enemy. The fight that comes with battling sickle cell is not easy, its never an ending war, we continue to fight till we drop our weapons. We are strong, we are fighters, we are warriors!!! - Abiodun Bakare

Whatever you are physically...male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy--all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside. - Sagir Aliyu

Summers were meant to be spent outside, With friends and family But Instead, I spent my summers in the four walls of the amenity ward Room 09 Stuck with an IV fluid, drugs passing through my veins, making me a druggie yet the pain wouldn't stop. A pain estimated 10 times worse than child labor but damn it, I’m only a child! Dear pain, Please go away because it's my birthday today, But who am I that the red blood cells stuck in my veins would listen to, They seem to be the Boss of the day because they have decided I won’t celebrate it this year either. I became a druggie and at the same time, a fighter. A warrior that is not just fighting the daily pains but also a warrior that is fighting the drugs in her veins. I am a sickle cell survivor I am a warrior I am a recovering addict. Diary of a warrior - Kubra Mundi

Warrior, Your own body is the 'enemy' Yes, life is short, But you want to live first. Down again. Down. Again. Fighting your own body. Begging it to 'let me live. Let me love. Let me laugh. Let me'. Breathe in - raise your head Breathe out - it falls back down Breathe in - raise your head Breathe out - hold it up Breathe in - gather your strength Breathe out - today's not for dying Breathe in - gather it closer Breathe out - today's for living Breathe in - push yourself up Breathe out - today's for fighting Breathe. Fight. Warrior! - Joy Chime

Beyound the endless sea of hope Within the timelessness of life Abreast the love of living But we only survive our time. - AbuSufyan