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Happy New Year!

Ladies and gentlemen!, Welcome to the new year. We hope you had an amazing break and ready to start the year with new goals, motivation and hope. We also look forward to welcoming you to another year at SSSCF. We have work to do, communities to reach and lives to impact. Here are some of the projects we will be focusing on this year;

- Hospital & Medic Aid: Our beneficiaries who rely on our donations to access treatment and medication they need to stay alive and healthy will continue to receive aid. This includes blood donors, securing blood from the bank, medication like Hydroxyurea & analgesics, and payment for minor treatments and hospital bills. - Clothing Drive for SC: This year, we are starting our clothing drive early, to give us enough time to collect donated items and plan multiple distribution throughout the year. - Short Film: We are exploring the idea of developing a short narrative film which will cover issues surrounding Sickle Cell Anaemia (prevention, management, treatment, survival, social and emotional impact for both patients and their families). - Fundraising: Do you have an idea of a fundraising event we can host to raise funds? We would love to hear from you! - Awareness/Genotype Testing Campaign/Blood Drive: On all platforms - off and online. - Secondary Schools Sensitisation Program: We will continue to engage Secondary School students in conversations about Sickle Cell, and how they can be advocates and spread the message in their communities. Also, the schools participating will also get to host panel discussions or debates about important questions and controversies surrounding SCD. You can support any of these projects by lending your time, skill or making a donation.

To contribute to the above, send an email to

To donate cash, you the link - Thank you, and welcome to 2019!