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Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes. They pick a cause and make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes the difference is a drop in the bucket, other times it creates a tidal wave of change.

This month we are celebrating and thanking our volunteers. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to come this far and achieve this much as we clock in 5 years in service. You come out and come through for every project, task, activity and community outreach. You juggle your 9-5s, personal lives and lend your hands and hearts - for free! For these, thank you.

Here are some words of courage our team members have shared about dedicating their time to servicing humanity;

My keen interest in being a health worker and a volunteer goes a long way since I was a kid. Actually, my mum inspired me to be due to her soft nature and always having the zeal to help the needful. Not that she is a health worker but she’s a full time housewife who's life didn’t stop her from fulfilling her dreams. Since I was a kid my mum invites women who have nothing doing and aren’t financially sustained and provides them with food, clothing and other day to day necessities. Seeing this has made me realize that I want to be like my mum or if not a better woman who will help in each and every way possible. I decided to volunteer with SSSFC and other organizations for the experience and the fulfillment that atleast I can make impact in other people’s lives. I am grateful to be part of the team as a Volunteer.

Amina Ibrahim

Twitter: @meeiynalicious IG: @meeiynalicious

I chose to support SS cause because I'm a warrior and I would love to help other warriors that don't have the opportunity that I have. Mamie Kano. I have lost a number of dear friends & relatives to the disease. I have vouched to fight SCD till I breath my last in shaa Allah.

Mahmood Salisu, Kano Team. Having grown up with warrior siblings, cousins and other family members I was well aware of what SCD was. I think it's safe to say that it is only the pain I don't/haven't share(ed) with them. From the sleepless nights, to the hospital runs, to the emotional, physical and mental trauma💙, we've been through it together.

So hearing from people that they didn't know or didn't care to know what SCD is and some even saying genotype testing was a dint to their religious belief, I just knew I had to get involved. I realised that something that meant so much to me meant nothing or so little to others, something of this importance for that matter. The campaign/awareness on SCD is very necessary and it's importance cannot be overemphasized. Thank God for SSSCF. The initiative alone takes us a step forward to achieving an SCD free generation. The unborn children deserve it.

Ummulkhair Hanafi, Abuja Team. I chose to support SS because I’m a warrior and I lost my sister to SS and I would love to help those struggling with SS.

Rabia Tijjani Waru. I choose to support the Sickle Cell cause because I've lost people very close to me with regards to the disease and also to create more awareness on it Insha'Allah.

Ommar. Well, initially I thought I was doing it for my warrior brother, Muhammad. I felt there is need for families affected by SCD to take up the fight, so I joined. But after some few tasks with the team, I realized there is more to just doing it for Muhammad or the family. Yes, I understand it's a service to humanity. I know many families whose only hope (when their SCP is sick) is to call Badamasi, or when I tell them somebody from my team is coming their way. There is this woman, maman Ashiru whose child I donated blood to twice... One day I met her In the market with two other women, she introduced me as 'abokin rayuwar Ashiru' (Ashiru's life saver or living companion) because according to her 'da ba don shi ba, da yanzu Ashiru ya zama tarihi' (if not for him, Ashiru would be history now).

The amazing people here have inspired me to go on. Sam, the big boss, Aisha Waziri, my SSSCF mum, Mims, my favorite sister, Hadiza Badamasi Dikko😜 my personal person, Abdul my favorite brother, Aishatu my 2nd mum and others; You guys are really great.

Badamasi Abdulkadir, Kaduna Team. I am a warrior and the fact that SCD is preventable I feel creating awareness is fundamental that is why I join the cause.- Fatima MT. I chose to support SS cause I’ve lost so many friends and family members and vow to help and support other warriors unconditionally insha Allah.

Ummie Kherlyl. As a HCW (health care worker), I want to bring an end to the suffering of SCD by spreading awareness and decreasing the number of cases in local communities where the bare minimun is passed as average care provision. Yahya Ibrahim. I support the Sickle Cell Cause because I believe that sickle cell disease is preventable with the right piece of health education given to the right target audience at the right time. I also think people should know that Sickle Cell stigmatization is an unnecessary evil and should stop.

Nusaybah. I never knew anything about sickle cell anemia until suddenly my cousin was diagonised and was bedridden for a year 😢 that was when I got to know that knowing your genotype is very important. Knowing that there are lots of people out there who don't know about it inspired me in lending my voice in creating awareness for sickle cell. Also, helping people has always been what I love doing, leading me to join SSCF who in my opinion, is the only not for profit organization I know vigourously creating awareness on sickle cell to ensure a world free of it. Thank you so much SSCF for giving me the opportunity to be part of this wonderful journey. Facebook: Olufade Halima I.G @harleemarh Twitter:@leeeeemarh

I am Asmau Abdullahi Tank living in Kaduna State. I first heard of SSSCF in 2017 at the Kabafest, where the founder was being interviewed on life struggles as a warrior. I was advised my lecturer to attend the festival as there'll be a discussion on health and Sickle Cell Disease on the discussion panel, so i attended and I read your book...autobiography and another one written by Maryam Uwais.

I'm an amateur writer so I decided to join and help through my writings and other means. I want to continue helping no matter how small, in any way I can because I am a warrior, so I have empathy for other warriors. As long as I live I will be with this group and do my best to support the Sickle Cell cause, as well as address issues developed like depression and stigma.

Maryam Musa Umar, Kano Team.

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Happy volunteers month!