Sirrin Jini/Paths of Love

We are excited to share our latest project with you - an awareness short film. 


We are constantly thinking of ways of intensifying and throwing weight behind the concept of awareness, followed by management, preventative measures and positivity in Sickle Cell Advocacy. This year we have teamed with Weaned Child productions to produce a short film directed towards the dynamics of a young genotype-incompatible couple faced with very tough choices.

Executive producers - Samira Sanusi/Samira Sanusi Sickle Cell Foundation and Umar Turaki/Weaned Child.

SYNOPSIS - Worn down by the weight of time and wisdom of hindsight, a young man and woman review the choice they never made.

DURATION - 20 minutes  

#SSSCFoundation #Sirrinjini #PathsofLove #KwowYourGenotype #WarriorsNotSicklers #GenotypeCompatibility

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Sirrin Jini/Paths of Love premiered in Kaduna on October 10th, 2020 at the Yasmin El-Rufa'i Foundation. 

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